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always with you.

We simplify important life events and make your records accessible in one secure place to save time and money.

Your new toolbox for digital identity

We help organizations of every size to provide seamless digital identification experiences to their customers.

Easily implement digital identity and storage into your current infrastructure with one API

We smooth over the differences between identity systems, so you only need one integration. As we add new providers, you can turn them on in one click.

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Our purpose

Whether it’s traveling to see family, starting a new business, or getting a bank loan, identity is an essential part of our lives. Yet we've all experienced the aches and pains of getting to gathering physical documents. Today, more than 1 billion people are without proper identification and have no way to prove who they are.

That’s why we’ve started to rebuild the infrastructure that underpins the identity industry. Layer by layer, piece by piece, we’re building the tools that make identity effortless for today's citizens, both online and offline.

A new identity experience

Behind the scenes, we’re working on a new identity management application to give identity agents access to all the powerful features Cari has to offer.